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Peach Fruit | Nutrition Facts Amazing Health Benefits Peach Fruit

Peach fruit

Peach fruit is not only rich in taste but also rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carbohydrates, proteins and provide amazing health benefits like prevention of cancer, protecting eye vision, controlling the bad cholesterol, weight loss, promoting the skin health, prevention of anemia, heart diseases, controlling the blood pressure, balancing the nervous system and strengthening the bones.

What Is Peach Fruit?

The delicious peach fruit  belongs to the family of Rosacea. The scientific name is Prunus Persica. Most popular peach fruit is native to the China and now it has spread  all over the world. They are classified into two varieties; one is freestone variety and other is clinging seed variety. Colour ranges from yellow to red, depending on the country of origin. Internally, flesh is juicy, sweet and tart, soft, with a pleasant fruity aroma and flesh color range from white to creamy yellow, centrally placed single seed which is inedible. Peach fruits are available in between May to October. Peach fruit is used to make salads or used in cocktails, desserts, jams, jellies and other recipes.

Peach Fruit Nutrition Facts:

Peach fruit has vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, antioxidants. The nutrition value per 100 grams (3.5 Oz), percentage of RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) are:


Vitamin A equiv.                    (2% of RDA) 16 μg

Beta-carotene                        (2% of RDA) 162 μg

Thiamine (B1)                       (2% of RDA) 0.024 mg

Riboflavin (B2)                      (3% of RDA) 0.031 mg

Niacin (B3)                             (5% of RDA) 0.806 mg

Pantothenic acid (B5)            (3% of RDA) 0.153 mg

Vitamin B6                             (2% of RDA) 0.025 mg

Folate (B9)                             (1% of RDA) 4 μg

Choline                                   (1% of RDA) 6.1 mg

Vitamin C                                (8% of RDA) 6.6 mg

Vitamin E                                (5% of RDA) 0.73 mg

Vitamin K                                (2% of RDA) 2.6 μg


Calcium                                   (1% of RDA) 6 mg

Iron                                         (2% of RDA) 0.25 mg

Magnesium                             (3% of RDA) 9 mg

Manganese                             (3% of RDA) 0.061 mg

Phosphorus                            (3% of RDA) 20 mg

Potassium                               (4% of RDA) 190 mg

Sodium                                    (0% of RDA) 0 mg

Zinc                                          (2% of RDA) 0.17 mg

Energy                                    165 kJ (39 kcal)

Carbohydrates                       9.54 g

Sugars                                    8.39 g

Dietary fiber                           1.5 g

Fat                                           0.25 g

Protein                                    0.91 g

Fluoride                                  4 µg

Health Benefits Of Peach Fruit:

  1. Prevents Cancer:

Peach fruits contains high amount of antioxidants, which are helpful to prevent the growth of cancerous cells. Thus peach fruits are helpful to prevent the lung, colon and oral cancers. Peach fruits also contain phenolic acids, known as chlorogenic and neochlorogenic acid, which help to stop breast cancer cell lines from growing without damaging normal cells.

  1. Protects The Eye Vision:

Peaches contain good amount of Beta-carotene along with vitamin A vitamin C, which are responsible for protecting the eye from free radical damage and prevent cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

  1. Controls The High Cholesterol:

Peaches have phenolic compounds that prevent the oxidization of low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, cholesterol, so consumption of peaches regularly can help to control accumulation of high amounts of cholesterol and problems that lead to diabetes and heart diseases.

  1. Helps In Weight Loss:

Due to low calories, peaches help to reduce the weight naturally. And they also contain natural sugars which do not raise blood sugar levels.

  1. Promotes The Skin Health:

Peaches are good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, which protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Vitamin A provides moisture to the skin, Vitamin C protect the skin from free radicals.

  1. Prevents The Anemia:

Peaches contain rich amount of iron which is helpful in formation of red blood cells and preventing anemia. Anemia is a condition in which the red blood cell count or hemoglobin is less than normal.

  1. Prevents  Heart Diseases:

Peaches contain iron, vitamin K, potassium, Lycopene and lutein, which are helpful to protect the heart from several heart diseases.

  1. Controls The Blood Pressure:

Peaches contain high amount of potassium and low amount of sodium, which can help to maintain the normal blood pressure.

Peach fruit

  1. Strengthen The Bones And Teeth:

High amount of phosphorous along with calcium and vitamin C are present in peach fruit, which are helpful to strengthen bones and teeth. Phosphorous and calcium can protect bones from various diseases like decalcification which can lead to osteoporosis, particularly in post-menopausal women. And vitamin C is helpful to strengthen the jaw bones and gums.

  1. Balances The Nervous System:

Magnesium present in peaches helps to prevent the stress and anxiety in the mind and eating the peaches regularly can balance the nervous system.

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