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Consider These Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy


Good vision is no doubt the biggest blessing of all. And the ones who cannot see without glasses can vouch for it. It helps you perform well and take on daily tasks with ease. The fuel that keeps the eyes healthy is just the care that you provide your eyes with. It is very important to take care of the eyes and the eyesight in order to keep your life normal. Nobody wants to wear heavy frames of glasses every single day.

I have come here to give you some tips that can help you protect your eyes. According to the best eye doctor in Karachi, a lot of people are damaging their eyes just by ruining their daily habits and not focusing on them to be the leading reason for the ruined eyes and eyesight. An eye exam is always a great idea to have in order to see what is wrong with the eyes. But before you go and visit a doctor it is important to know the proper kind of care that you can provide to your eyes so that you don't have to visit doctors again and again.

Here are some of the tips for you to follow in order to take care of your eyes.

A Goodnight’s Sleep

In my opinion, the most underrated reason that is not discussed most of the time is the lack of sleep that affects the eyes. A lot of people these days just play with tier gadgets and spend time on the laptops in the offices. This can not only take away your tendency to sleep but can also affect the inner eyes really badly. It is prohibited by doctors to use cell phones half an hour before you sleep as exposure to light cannot send the right signal to the brain to sleep. 

Give your eyes some rest. Sleep on time, at least 8 hours a day in order for the eyes to perform the needed function. 

Keep Your Hands Clean

When it comes to eyes, it is very important to constantly wash your hands. It is very important to keep the hygiene intact in order to save your eye health. It is crucial for people with sensitive eyes not to use soaps with fragrance. The use of towels is also proved to be very bad for people with sensitive eyes. It is very much likely to contract bacteria through your hands and these can be easily transferred in the eyes.

The bacterial infections can turn into conjunctivitis (pink eye). Whenever you rub or touch your eyes, whatever is in your hands can easily be transferred to the eyes. The most common reason for catching colds is also the hands. When you touch your hands full of germs to the eyes, you get colds and get infected. 

A Balanced Diet

Everyone tries and indulges in healthy eating habits and wants to make the best food choices. It is very important t choose food options that can be high in antioxidants, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A. A number of foods are also available that can be very helpful for eye health such as fish (salmon), these are quite high in the fatty acids content that is said to work great for eye health.

If you keep on ignoring the antioxidants intake, keep on consuming alcohol, and take unsaturated fats these can be very damaging for the central part of the retina that is called a macula. There is also a great chance of the fatty foods blocking the arteries that can restrict the blood flowing in the eyes and can then stop hindering the blood flow and can affect the eyesight directly. The blood vessels that give blood to the eyes are already very thin and very small in size. These have a very high chance of getting affected by the intake of unhealthy fats. 


Eye health is very important to be taken care of. As this is quite neglected in the South Asian region. It is noticed that a lot of people are losing their dight and the reason being the least care to be neglected. Take care of your eyes by following the tips mentioned in the article. Otherwise, give your doctor a visit once a year.

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