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ISRO Women Scientist
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ISRO Women Scientist - On 5th November, 2013 India proudly launched its famous Mangalyan into space to reach Mars.  India became first in Asia and fourth in the world to reach Mars. In its first attempt no nation in the world has accomplished such a scientific venturous feat. Moreover India’s technology is the most-advanced and yet cheapest in the world. To achieve this, around 500 scientists of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) worked day and night to write a new chapter in India’s Space Programme. Among the 500 scientists Nandhini Harinath, Ritu Karidhal and Anuradha T K are the major responsible scientists in the thrillingly successful event. 

ISRO Women Scientists:

1. ISRO Women Scientist Nandhini Harinath:

Nandini Harinath is a rocket scientist at ISRO’s Satellite Centre in Bengaluru.  Nandini’s father is an engineer and her mother is a teacher of mathematics and they are all interested in science fiction and Star Trek. When Nandini Harinath applied for a job at ISRO, she got easily recruited by virtue of her brilliant academic record. Nandini Harinath is a project manager, Mission Designer. She assisted as Deputy Operations Director on Mars Orbit Machine or Mangalyaan and she worked at ISRO over 20 years on 14 missions.

Ms Harinath said she took "immense pride" in Mangalyan and was "really thrilled" to see its image on the new 2,000 rupee notes. She said “Mars Orbit Machine was very important for India, not just for ISRO. It's put us on a different pedestal, foreign countries are looking at us for collaborations; the sudden spurt in attention we get from them is beyond satisfaction”.

2. ISRO Women Scientist Ritu Karidhal:

Ritu Karidhal is an Indian Space Research Organization satellite Centre in Bengaluru. She was born in Lucknow, Uttarpradesh. She assisted as Operations Director and also worked for many other ISRO projects. In her childhood she was interested to study the stars and wanted to know what lay behind the dark space. She started collecting newspaper cuttings about any space-related activities of ISRO and NASA. Karidhal completed her graduation from University of Lucknow in Physics. She passed the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering(GATE) exam, and got the opportunity to matriculate  in Indian Institute of Science(IISc) to pursue her master’s degree in Aerospace engineering. Since 1997 she worked for ISRO. She played a pivotal role in the making of India's MARS orbiter mission.

Ritu Karidhal Awards:

In 2007 Ritu Karidhal received the ISRO Young Scientist Award from A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.  

3. Geosat Programme Director Anuradha TK:

Anuradha TK was born in 1961 in Bangalore, Karnataka. She works as a Geosat Programme Director at ISRO Satellite Centre in Bengaluru and has specialized in communication satellites. She pursued bachelor's degree from the University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering in Bangalore in electronics. Anuradha played a key role in developing and launching the ISRO communication satellite GSAT-12 (Geosynchronous Satellites) satellite into space from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre on on 15 July, 2011. She has worked with the GSAT-12(Geosynchronous Satellites); in September 2012, Anuradha launched the much bigger communication satellite GSAT-10(Geosynchronous Satellites). She has also served as Project Manager, Deputy Project Director and Associate Project Director for the Indian Remote Sensing and the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System programs.

Anuradha Received Awards:

  • 2003 Space Gold Medal award by Astronautical Society of India for the services in the field of Space sciences

  • 2011 Suman Sharma Award by National Design and Research Forum (NDRF) of IEI (Institution of Engineers India).

  • 2012 ASI- ISRO Merit Award for Realisation of Indigenous Communication spacecraft

  • 2012 ISRO Team Award 2012 for being team leader for the realization of GSAT-1(Geosynchronous satellites).

ISRO Women Scientist

4. ISRO Women Scientist N Valarmathi:

N Valarmathi was born in Ariyalur, TamilNadu. Her father is Natarajan and mother is Ramseetha. She had schooling in Nirmala girls higher secondary school in Tamil Medium. Mrs. Valarmathi completed her pre-university course at the government arts college. Valarmathi is the second women to be the satellite project director at the ISRO. She has worked in satellite project like INSAT 2A (Indian National Satellite), IRS 1C (Remote Sensing Indian satellite), IRS 1D (Remote Sensing Indian Satellite), TES (Technology Experiment Satellite) and RISAT (Indian Remote Sensing Satellite).

ISRO Women Scientist Received Awards:

Valarmathi receive Abdul Kalam Award, instituted by Government of Tamil Nadu in honour of the former India President Abdul Kalam in 2015.

ISRO Women Scientist

ISRO women scientist

ISRO Women Scientists at ISRO space centre (ISRO Women Scientist(

5. ISRO Women Scientist Minal Sampath:

Minal Sampath worked as a systems engineer in India's mission to Mars. She built three instruments for mars spacecraft;  an infrared camera which can detect heat sources, another instrument to sniff out methane in the atmosphere  and one more as an indicator of life.

6. ISRO Women Scientist Moumita Dutta:

Monumita completed from the University of Kolkata in physics. She is one of the top ISRO scientists and worked on India’s acclaimed Mars Orbiter Mission.  She also leads a team to make progress in “Make in India” initiative in optical science.

7. ISRO Women Scientist Kriti Faujdar:

Kriti Faujdar is a part of the team that monitors the satellites. Kriti Faujdar work shifts are very erratic. She wants to pursue M.Tech in future to be a better professional. Populour women scientists work in ISRO. Most of the senior scientists worked in multiple ISRO missions and were deservingly rewarded. These women became a source of encouragement to young women all over the world to follow dreams and work hard to succeed.

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