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Poorna Malavath | The 13 Year Old Who Climbed Mount Everest | Youngest

Poorna Malavath
Poorna Malavath

The inspiring quote by Joel Osteen “Make your mind that NO matter what comes your way, NO matter how difficult, NO matter how unfair, YOU will do more than simply survive, YOU will thrive in spite of it. This stands true in the case of Poorna Malavath, the youngest woman mountaineer to scale Mount Everest at an age of thirteen years and eleven months.

Poorna Malavath:

Poorna Malavath was born to agricultural labourers namely Devidas and Lakshmi on 10th June in the year 2000 at a place called Pakala a small village in Nizamabad, Telengana, India. She also has a brother who is pursuing a course in engineering. Her parents though belonged to a tribal family always encouraged them in their studies.

Poorna Malavath, a student of Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institution’s Society (TSWREIS), feels she is lucky enough to have Mr.Praveen Kumar as her mentor and guide who is the secretary of TSWREIS. Though he was an Indian Police Officer, he did his United States Fellowship Post Graduate degree in public administration at Harvard University. After returning, he accepted the Secretary post with TSWREIS, and is working for the upliftment of the tribal welfare and the backward class children. Mr.Praveen Kumar organised several camps in order to train and encourage students. Summer Samurai was one such camp which was a turning point in Poorna’s life.

This camp organised a rock climbing course at Bhongir in Nalgonda district. Nearly 110 students including Poorna Malavath and Sadanapalli Anand Kumar participated and both scored A+ grade. Poorna though initially got scared looking at the huge rock she soon gathered courage and successfully ascended the mighty rock. Praveen Kumar was greatly impressed with her courage and perseverance. Poorna and Anand Kumar along with 19 other students were selected for the 15 days course at an institute called Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling. After successfully completing this course, they were given a rigorous training at Ladakh at – 30 degree Celsius (30°C) to   tackle the climatic fluctuations and get accustomed to ever-changing climate at the Everest. It took them almost eight months to get trained completely. Suresh Babu a mountaineer and Arjuna awardee, Poorna’s trainer at Bhongir, who also led her in the Everest expedition, is of all praises about her, he says that she is a very bold, well determined natural athlete and a very hard working girl.

Poorna Malavath started her expedition along with Suresh Babu, her friend Anand Kumar and a group of Sherpas. They started their journey along Tibetan side. The first day was not fruitful as she felt sick and started puking; they were forced to get down to the base camp. Next day they started a fresh and then there was no looking back. This expedition was named as the Operation Everest; they had to face several difficulties while climbing the Everest. Though they got the news that an avalanche had killed 17 people on the other side, this did not deter her; rather she was brave enough to continue and dared very harsh mountain winds, and the biting chill. She hated the smell of packaged food they carried and hence survived mostly on the soups as that was served hot. Trekking with the oxygen tanks was too difficult for her.  Before they could reach the peak she happened to see 6 dead bodies that were lying at such a high altitude. Though nerve wrenching she gathered courage and continued her journey. Finally on 25th May 2014 they summited the Everest at around 6 am.They stayed there for fifteen minutes.  She says recalling her memorable moment that made her feel proud and happy standing on top of the world; she called her mentor Mr. Praveen Kumar and told him that she was successful in summiting the Everest. After hoisting the flag and taking few snaps they began their journey back, it took them 52 days to complete the whole expedition.

She says that she was greatly inspired by her mentor Praveen Kumar who stood by her and encouraged her. She proved to the world that a girl if given an opportunity can succeed and achieve anything. Being a good athlete she loves playing Kabaddi and volleyball. Jogging 25 km, meditation and practising yoga keeps her fit. Malavath summited Mt. Kilimanjaro last year and hopes to go on expedition in Australia in near future. She aspires to become an IPS officer and climb more mountains around the world.

After her expedition she was greeted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and received certificate of appreciation from Government of India. Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao gave her 25 lakhs cash gift and 5 acres of agricultural land and 2 bedroom house and promised to provide necessary aid for her education. Poorna’s biopic about her journey to Everest named Poorna (2017) was made by Rahul Bose and Aditi Inamdar played her role which was released in March.

Poorna Malavath Recent Achievement:

On 27th July, 2017, Poorna and with co- climbers scaled Mt. Elbrus, the highest peak in Russia and in Europe. With this summit, Poorna completed three out of the Seven-Summits. Her goal is to summit the highest peaks of all the continents.

Other youngest persons climbed The Mount Everest:

Dicky Dolma:

Dicky Dolma was born on 5 April 1974 is an Indian woman who is known for being the youngest woman to summit Mount Everest. She reached the summit of Mount Everest on May 10, 1993 when she was 19.

Poorna Malavath

Ming Kipa:

Ming Kipa was born on 1988 she is a Nepalese Sherpa girl who held the record as the youngest person to climb Mount Everest from 2003 to 2010. She reached the summit of Mount Everest on May 22, 2003 when she was 15 years old, with her brother Mingma Gyula and her sister Laphka.

Jordan Romero:

Jordan Romero was born on July 12, 1996 he is an American mountain climber who was 13 years old when he reached the summit of Mount Everest in 2010.


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